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Gastroenterology Consultants Telehealth

Please call our office first to make an appointment.

To connect at the time of your appointment, click on the provider name you are scheduled to meet with.

1. Our platform is called doxy.me which is HIPAA compliant.  You do not have to download any apps.  If you want to do it on your computer you need a microphone and video camera.  Your cell phone will also work.

2. Our staff will call you prior (same day or business day prior) to the scheduled time of your appointment to review your medical information and medications.  If needed, they will help direct you to our website. Please use Safari on Apple products and Firefox or Chrome on android or Windows and you will be taken to the doxy.me waiting room. 

3. If assisting the patient for this visit, have them with you for the telehealth visit. We cannot at this time engage in telehealth without the patient present.

4. Click this link  “Pre-call test”  to check that your audio and video are working properly, and add the info and link below that line.

5. Your provider will join you there when they are ready.

6. If the call drops in the middle of the visit, just wait.  Your provider will either reconnect with you or call you.

7. You will be billed for an office visit the same as if you were in the office.  Our staff will review any copay and billing questions with you prior to your visit.

8. Please be sure your device is charged or plugged in so you don’t lose connection during the visit.  Please close unnecessary programs to maximize the quality of the connection.

Consent form for a Telehealth appointment with Gastroenterology Consultants:

I agree to receive care via telemedicine.

I understand that;

  • A telemedicine service means that my appointment with my provider at Gastroenterology Consultants will happen by using two way video conferencing.
  • This consent is valid for six months for any follow-up telemedicine care, if deemed appropriate by my provider.
  • I can decline to have a Telehealth service at any time without affecting my access to future care.
  • I may have to wait for a future appointment time if I am unable to attend a Telehealth appointment.
  • The same confidentiality protections that apply to my other medical care also apply to my Telehealth service.
  • I will have access to all information resulting from Telehealth visits, just as I would with face to face appointments.
  • I understand that this Telehealth visit will be billed to my Insurance and may incur costs similar to a face to face visit.

Due to COVID-19, in order to facilitate timely patient care, verbal consent will be utilized.  

Any patient scheduling a Telehealth visit, patient consents to giving permission to conduct the Telehealth visits and bill these to any and all Insurances that I have furnished.